Get set for "4 weeks 4 inclusion"

Promoting inclusion to make a difference

For the first time, 27 companies unite to raise awareness and diffuse the culture of inclusion with a programme of webinars and digital events from 13 November to 11 December. 

Rome, 12 November 2020

“4 Weeks 4 Inclusion” (#4W4I) is the name of the intercompany programme to emerge in 2020, with the contribution of 27 companies that have come together to devise a 4-week calendar of joint digital events for their employees, including webinars, digital labs and creative groups dedicated to inclusion.

For the first time, many companies in the production ecosystem have forged a network and come together to work on an important project to raise awareness on matters of inclusion and the promotion of diversity.

A representative logo for the initiative has been created which, with a multitude of differing sized and various coloured overlapping squares, seeks to represent the diversity within the company, with this multifaceted nature thus enriching and generating value.

Accenture, Agos, Banca Ifis, BIP, BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, Danone, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, FlashFiber, Google, Gruppo Hera, HR Services S.r.l., Janssen Italia, Johnson&Johnson Medical S.p.A., INWIT, LEADS, Olivetti, Parks–Liberi e Uguali, Poste Italiane, Schneider Electric, Snam, Sparkle, Telsy, TIM, TIM Brasil, TIMRetail, Telecontact Center and Valore D have all worked assiduously in recent months to create a calendar of events – all digital in view of the ongoing health emergency – to facilitate cross-corporate participation of the employees in the various companies.

Launching the programme on Friday, 13 November was the webinar “6 Stories of Inclusion: a talk with the Minister” hosting Elena Bonetti, Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family, whilst the conclusion of “4 Weeks 4 Inclusion” on Friday, 11 December, shall involve a roundtable of HRO (Human Resources & Organisational Development) managers from the various companies that will take stock of the current state of inclusion in the work world.

Between these two dates, a busy schedule of appointments covers disability, intergenerational discussion, the enhancement of contribution from women, sexual orientation and gender identity, along with ethnicity and religion.