Frecciarosa 2019: prevention travels by train

Free visits and consultations on the Frecce, InterCity, regional trains and in the FrecciaLounge in Rome and Milan from 1 to 31 October

Health and prevention travelling by train.

From 1 to 31 October, takes place Frecciarosa, the initiative promoted by the FS Italiane Group and the IncontraDonna Onlus Association with the patronage of the Ministry of Health and the participation of Farmindustria.

Combating breast cancer, raising awareness of the culture of prevention and promoting the health of the whole family through proper lifestyles: these are the goals of Frecciarosa 2019, being one of the activities taking place during October Rosa, a month dedicated to the prevention of female illnesses.

The ninth edition was presented today in Rome by Roberto Speranza - Minister of Health, Gianfranco Battisti—Chief Executive Officer of FS Italiane, Adriana Bonifacino—Chairperson of IncontraDonna Onlus, Enrica Giorgetti—General Director of Farmindustria, Paolo Marchetti—Chairman of the Foundation for Personalised Medicine.

Testimonials came from Elena Sofia Ricci and Carolyn Smith, whilst RAI journalist Alberto Matano was the Moderator.

Also this year, the campaign will travel aboard the train and in the stations: doctors and volunteers from IncontraDonna Onlus will offer travellers on the Frecce, InterCity and regional trains and in the FrecciaLounge in Rome Termini and Milano Centrale free specialist visits, consultations, nutrition advice, ultrasounds and informative material on oncological pathologies, the proper lifestyles and health—not only for women but for the whole family.

Amongst the innovations of this Frecciarosa edition is an increasing number of trains involved in the initiative to reach more and more people. In fact, it will be possible to undergo visits, ultrasounds and consultations on the regional convoys in Sardinia, Campania, Umbria and Molise, on the InterCity trains in Sicily, on the Frecciargento trains to and from Apulia and on the Frecciabianca for Reggio Calabria. In addition, the Health Vademecum will be distributed free of charge, being rich in useful tips for health, with topics including lifestyles, chronic diseases and oncological pathologies. The Health Vademecum will also be available in the rooms of Trenitalia dedicated to travellers.

The last eight editions of Frecciarosa have recorded a significant success: more than 9 million Trenitalia travellers in total intercepted by the initiative, over 5,000 visits and free advice provided aboard the train and in the stations, and approximately 500,000 copies of the Health Vademecum distributed.

The train promotes knowledge and communication but also becomes a place where prevention is possible,” underlined Gianfranco Battisti, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of FS Italiane Group, “a privileged space to receive medical information about healthy lifestyles. It is with this objective that Frecciarosa, now in its 9th edition, returns to the tracks again this year to offer people the opportunity to use their travel time to meet medical specialists and receive free advice and visits. Frecciarosa has now become a traditional appointment for us. Last year, around 80,000 copies of the Health Vademecum were distributed aboard more than 80 trains and throughout the main stations.  This year, the initiative will involve increasing numbers of people—not only those travelling aboard the Frecce but also on the InterCity in Sicily and on Trenitalia’s regional trains in Sardinia, Campania, Umbria and Molise.

“Frecciarosa 2019,” declared Adriana Bonifacino Chairperson of IncontraDonna Onlus, “brings new innovations this year, in addition to the ‘Barbara ultrasonic testing’, employed last year with great success, special portable instruments dedicated to a woman of courage, overseen by the Association on her pathway. It was precisely through one of the visits I completed aboard the trains, on 3 October 2018, that I diagnosed the first case of breast cancer during the last edition on a regional Cagliari-Sassari train. Our aim is also and especially to approach prevention for those who, for a variety of reasons, evade examinations that can be considered life-savers; to provide the proper information and tools to protect our state of health. A video produced by IncontraDonna will be shown on the screens aboard the trains throughout October, offering useful recommendations for lifestyles and regarding vitamin D. On certain days, in addition to the regular presence of breast specialists, a cardiologist, a specialist in clinical nutrition and a urologist will also will also be aboard the train and in the FRECCIALounge of Rome and Milan. The culture of prevention is fundamental given that each year in Italy, around 53,000 women receive a breast cancer diagnosis (with 1-2% in men) whilst around 800,000 live with the disease, of whom 30,000 are in an advanced or metastatic phase.”

In addition, CartaFRECCIA members who consent to being contacted shall receive discount coupons for travelling on all Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, InterCity and InterCityNight trains in any classes and service levels before 31st October 2019.

FS Italiane’s media is also metaphorically turning pink. Indeed, the October issue of La Freccia magazine, the web and social media channels and the Group’s radio station will dedicate space to the initiatives planned for the occasion of Frecciarosa 2019.