FS Group to receive €28 billion for infrastructure from CIPE

Approved update 2018-2019 of CDP RFI - MIT 2017-2021 and remodulation CDP ANAS - MIT 2016-2020

Rome, 25 July 2019

On 24 July, the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning (CIPE) approved approximately €28 billion in funding for the infrastructure of the FS Italiane Group. The CIPE meeting gave the go-ahead for updates to the Programme Contracts between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Group's two main infrastructure companies, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and ANAS.

In particular, for RFI, the 2018-2019 update of the 2017-2021 Investment Programme Contract was approved, which includes additional resources of €15.4 billion, while for ANAS, approval was given to restructure the 2016-2020 Programme Contract, with additional resources of €12.5 billion.

These new resources will confirm the strategy contained in the 2019-2023 Business Plan of the FS Italiane Group, which provides for €42 billion of investment in infrastructure, of which €28 billion for railway works and €14 billion for roads, accelerating construction sites and reinforcing maintenance processes.