February's La Freccia magazine is packed with music, fun and love

On the cover, Claudio Baglioni – going from the Sanremo music festival to the concerts to celebrate fifty years in the business 

Rome, 1 February 2019

The February edition of La Freccia magazine will be on board Trenitalia's Frecce trains starting today. This month FS Italiane Group's magazine celebrates the Sanremo Music Festival and Valentine's Day, reflecting an Italy which sings and laughs, falls in love and writes, but also works and wins international recognitions for medicine and art conservation.

The cover is dedicated to Claudio Baglioni, who for the second year was the artistic director of the Sanremo Festival and has reached the prestigious milestone of fifty years in the music business: he has given Freccia readers an all-encompassing interview on his forthcoming goals and projects.

The pages covering carnival describe an outpouring of contagious fun experienced with rituals and local traditions, in a cascade of masks and themed parades. FS Italiane's monthly publication provides ideas and suggestions for romantic breaks for people in love, including uncharted parts of Verona. There is also no lack of pictures of the world of railways with stories and people in the feature RAILWAY heART.

February's La Freccia has a piece on the superb Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e il Restauro which has opened an educational facility in Matera. There is also Italian excellence in the world of fashion, with an advanced preview, together with the designers from Be Blumarine, on Milan Fashion Week at the end of February. Another exclusive preview is of the Hermès. Behind the Scenes show, which will be held in March at the Ara Pacis in Rome.

The unquestionably excellent Bambino Gesù children's hospital in Rome celebrates its 150th anniversary in March. La Freccia met its president, Mariella Enoc, and had a wide-ranging interview on the future goals of the general hospital, developments in paediatric medicine, which is an area in which the hospital is a world leader, medical training abroad, religious faith when faced by sick children and the importance of solidarity. In addition to the interview there is a feature that looks into smile therapy, and the attempts to relieve suffering in the wards of the children's hospital.

Amongst other interviews which are not to be missed are that with the editor of the Corriere dello Sport, Ivan Zazzaroni, who is a long-standing journalist and the star of empathetic, multi-media communications that range from television to radio, from print media to the web, and on to social media.

And then there is Gabriele Lavia with “his” Giants of the Mountain, Gabriele Cirilli on stage with La famiglia Addams, and Serena Rossi on television as Mia Martini.

Also in February is La Freccia Junior, a supplement distributed in the FRECCIABistrò cafés on Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains and in the bars on Frecciabianca trains, which can accompany young people on their journey with games, cartoons and interesting trivia.