Young job seekers praise FS Italiane Group for recruitment through digital channels

Based on the study published by Potentialpark, a market research company based in Stockholm, a leader in the field of Talent Communication. More than 9,000 student and recent graduates responses examined

Rome, 7 March 2018

Young Italians looking for work and their first jobs praise the FS Italiane Group for their important recruitment activities developed through digital channels.

In fact, FS Italiane has won first place in Italy in the "careers" channel and has ranked third in the general ranking amongst more than 50 companies. This is what emerged from a study by Potentialpark, a market research company based in Stockholm, a leader in the field of Talent Communication. These important results come from the Group's commitment to improving and simplifying the use of web and social recruiting tools, in line with the digitalisation process envisaged in the 2017-2026 Business Plan.

Thanks to the upgrading and complete renewal of the "Work with us" section of the website, also accessible through mobile devices (smartphones or tablets), there has been rapid increase in access and the Group has identified targets for specific roles. Moreover, through digital channels such as the career page of LinkedIn, the social network dedicated to the world of work, candidates can consult open positions, get to know the company well, have detailed information on internship offers, training courses or agreements with universities, and understand how the selection process of the company works.

"We have strengthened our digital presence as we cannot afford to lose talent," said Mauro Ghilardi, Director of Human Resources and Organization at FS Italiane. "Traditional recruiting methods no longer satisfy our needs in the long term. Web presence is key to making the selection process easier for candidates, and activating a strategic model that contributes to the development of the engagement of new graduates and anyone who can create value for the Group. Young people have clearly appreciated our commitment, as demonstrated by the recognition of the Best Employer of Choice, awarded to FS Italiane for the fourth consecutive year".

Potentialpark's research has analysed more than 9,000 responses from Italian students and recent graduates. They seek mobile friendly digital modes and channels to send applications, even by mobile phone; the use of the web and social networks like LinkedIn; and quick and easy access to information and details on the profiles sought. These are the parameters most appreciated by young people during a job search.