FS Italiane and Brescia Mobilità submit a jointproposal for a project finance of a new tramway located in Brescia

Brescia, 7th November 2018

Last October 31st, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and Brescia Mobilità, submitted a proposal for a project finance for the design, building, operation and maintenance of the “Public surface transit system” located within Brescia municipality coherently with PPP schemes (Public Private Partnership).

This proposal follows the cooperation agreement signed on March 29th and focuses on two new tramlines entirely located in Brescia territory.

The blueprints are the ones already included in Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility (PUMS) which states that the tramway should be one of the pillars of the new urban mobility system producing a remarkable enhancement of the municipality’s infrastructure equipment (together with the existing automatic light metro), fostering intermodal transportation and granting a new and more homogenous distribution of public transportation all over the urban territory.

Total estimated investments amounts to about 400 million Euro with sources mainly coming through private funds. The new tramlines should start operation phase in April 2027.

This project aims to represent one of the first national venture regarding the realization through project finance schemes of complex infrastructures for local public transportation.

In the months preceding the proposal, FS provided its technical expertise in structuring financial terms of the project and in the design and engineering phases.  FS confirms its commitment to play a primary role in building new infrastructures in metropolis and big cities and, thanks to its financial strength, its willingness to invest funds for co-financing relevant works for the Country. Brescia Mobilità contributed with its virtuous and strong experience in the management of integrated mobility systems, delivering technical, planning and operational inputs specifically related to the urban context of Brescia.

By next December 31st, Brescia Municipality should evaluate the proposal in order to formalize to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation the request of public contribution within the limit of 49% of total investments potentially followed by a public tender process for the assignment of the project accordingly to the mechanism of public private partnership.

Following the metro inaugurated 6 years ago, thanks to new tramlines Brescia could became more green and sustainable and be perceived as a benchmark in Italy in a scenario that more and more imposes a new way to think urban mobility models.

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