#Opentreno: sui binari della rete - the sustainability blog

Expressing the FS Italiane sustainable spirit

Rome, 12th May 2016

#Opentreno: sui binari della rete - the FS Italiane Group’s blog on sustainability - is online from today.

The environment, technology, people, history and travel are the core issues dealt with from a sustainability perspective.

The bigger and more rooted in the region a business is, the greater its responsibility to society, and #Opentreno was created as a clear expression of the Italian State Railways’ sustainable spirit.

The five core categories will be explored on themed journeys: the Ambiente (environment) area talks about Data Seeds, i.e. glimpses into the FS Group’s relationship with sustainability or cases of excellence in other big companies; its Greenario section is a space for environmental sustainability, sharing economy and eco-design, while Paesaggi (landscapes) looks in depth at initiatives for protection and reclamation of the countryside, such as the “greenways” projects (disused rail tracks re-invented as cycle routes).

The Tecnologia area has twin souls: Green Geek, dedicated to the world of apps and devices that improve our daily lives, and Next Stop Innovation, which talks about the future and innovation of railways and much more.

Social responsibility is expressed through Outside Stories about employees, volunteers and travellers, while Travel Tips and Green Tips are blended with the history of Treni Famosi (famous trains) and Binari Storici (historic tracks); from trains as a backdrop for art, cinema and literature to old technologies and fascinating facts about the railways of the past.

Contributors include employees of the FS Italiane Group’s various firms as well as guest bloggers, such as the Cittadini di Twitter community which explores the theme of social media used for public purposes.

The posts will have an informal and personal feel, with interviews, in-depth examinations, stories, first-hand experiences and everything else not normally found on an institutional website.

This is a place for sharing, where people’s accounts make good practices, stories and experiences tangible; a clear, simple and genuine view inside the world of railways and their surroundings.

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