The FS Italiane Group supports "HeForShe"

An initiative against discrimination and for gender equality promoted by the United Nations

Gender equality, combating discrimination and rejecting violence against women concerns everyone, even men. This is the meaning of the global campaign of HeForShe awareness, promoted by the United Nations and supported by the Gruppo FS Italiane. Launched in September 2014 by Emma Watson, as an ambassador for UN Women, the goal of HeForShe is to be able to involve one billion people in promoting gender equality.

With its 86% of male staff members, compared to the 14% who are female (data in line with the major European railway companies), FS Italiane can make an important contribution to the initiative desired by the UN, at the same time engaging in countering the image, sometimes stereotyped by the workplace reality of typically male dominated railway system.

Regarding the issue of gender equality, they met today, 8 March - in the midst of the event HeForShe. One step forward. Gender equality is for everybody. Even men, organized by Vodafone Italy, in collaboration with UN Women, Valore D (D value) and La 27esima Ora at the Vodafone Village in Milan - several top managers, business leaders, the political leaders of public policy, journalism and culture.

Representing the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, the FS Gruppo CEO Renato Mazzoncini was present: "The support of FS Italiane initiative HeForShe demonstrates the attention to social issues and civil commitment that distinguishes our Group. For us - said Mazzoncini - it is a new opportunity to reiterate the fundamental principles that solidly merge into the relationship between customer service and respect of the community. However, to be here - he continued - also represents a stimulus for continued vigilance in tearing down the barriers that still represent a motive for discrimination, recognizing that gender diversity makes companies more resilient and innovative ".

Among the pioneers of gender equality, the Gruppo FS Italiane has instituted, since 1989, an Observatory on the status of female workers transforming themselves, then, into the Equal Opportunities Committee, launching a program aimed at promoting inclusion and valuing diversity. The path continued in the years between the various initiatives and success stories that have earned the FS Italiane the top spot in prevention and combating gender discrimination. This allowed the building, from the ground up, of Diversity Management, primarily achieved by the creation of a dedicated business structure and the construction of a Survey mechanism for listening to, collecting and analysing employee perceptions.

These initiatives have represented the basis for the definition of an integrated plan regarding Diversity Management which, occurring synergistically on the major work processes - recruitment, selection, management, training, development and communication - focused on three priority areas considered as priorities: gender, age and multiculturalism. The measures taken by the Gruppo FS Italiane in favour of gender diversity are structured on the culture of the organization, the awards of merit, training and coaching in support of women's leadership roles and the creation of Work-life balance tools.

With more than one hundred years of history, the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane - among the largest companies in the country with an established presence throughout the national territory - lives with the daily task of its social role in helping to create a culture free from bias. Gender equality is a battle that the Gruppo FS Italiane makes its own personal fight every day: at stations, on trains, in the workplace, through encounters among customers, employees, institutions, associations and other participants that revolve around the railway world.

A commitment that FS Italiane continues to pursue with its workers, convinced in its own knowledge that the achievement of gender equality is not a matter that concerns only women.

In this sense, the Gruppo FS Italiane fully embraces the reasons for the HeForShe global initiative promoted by the United Nations because first and foremost, it is the men who must become active promoters in the reduction of gender inequalities.

Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane also supports HeForShe through its own communication channels, in order to raise awareness among customers and employees and to ensure maximum compliance.