Trenitalia with SAP presents innovations on the world of transport

The leading company in rail transport in Italy is improving efficiency levels by extending the life cycle of its own fleet thanks to the Internet of Things with SAP® Predictive Maintenance and Service

Rome, 29 September 2016

SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) and Trenitalia can now offer new levels of operational efficiency in train maintenance thanks to smart equipment solutions and devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. 

Trenitalia has implemented a dynamic maintenance system which uses SAP® IoT technology and can extract data in real time generated by sensors, providing resource management with greater predictive capacities compared with traditional models. The announcement was made at the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa, where SAP and Trenitalia presented the technologies which are redefining the digital future of transport. 

“Trenitalia is committed to a process of continuous innovation of its services and practices”, declared Barbara Morgante, CEO of Trenitalia. “We strive our utmost to provide our customers with an even more innovative experience by investing in high-tech solutions that make journeys more efficient, sustainable and faster. The cooperation with SAP is part of this strategy and helps us to provide better services, with a substantial reduction in industrial costs”.

“SAP is honoured to support Trenitalia’s digital transformation and quest for operational excellence”, declared Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. “Trenitalia has adopted innovative technologies that can provide smart insight by fully bringing to life the promise of the Internet of Things, with benefits for both the company and the millions of passengers who travel with Trenitalia each year”. Today’s event follows SAP’s announcement yesterday of an investment of €2 billion by 2021 in IoT

Improving reliability by reducing operating costs

As part of the FS Italiane Group, Trenitalia operates a fleet of about 30,000 locomotives, electric and light trains, coaches and freight cars, running over 8,000 trains each day. Confirming its continuous commitment to innovation, Trenitalia has identified a way to prevent failures and machine downtime while optimising equipment life cycles through Big Data, hyperconnectivity and process optimisation. 

In early 2014, Trenitalia began working with SAP to develop a dynamic maintenance model, deploying the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution to analyse sensor data and monitor the status of vehicles remotely. This aimed to reduce maintenance and service costs, while further boosting the availability and reliability of service for passengers.

“Being able to anticipate events and maintenance operations will mean our group can keep making processes more efficient and improve services and quality standards”, said Danilo Gismondi, CIO of Trenitalia. “We expect a reduction of maintenance costs of 8 to 10%, which for our company is a very significant value”.

By using predictive analytics based on the SAP HANA® platform, the Trenitalia system processes vast amounts of real-time data from sensors and smart devices in order to provide predictive models for machine learning that facilitate integration with business systems and trigger corrective actions for services and maintenance systems to avoid unplanned downtime. Trenitalia can therefore link data from various equipment (engines, batteries and brakes) with their life cycle, usage and other performance indicators. Discover how Trenitalia is using predictive analytics based on SAP HANA in this video.

The dynamic maintenance management system at Trenitalia reflects the company’s commitment towards innovation with the aim of improving customers’ travel experience. The FS Italiane Group’s 2017–2026 industrial plan contains various innovative projects, such as the development of journey planning apps and advanced analytics, or improving customer relations and big data management.

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The Trenitalia company is fully owned by FS Italiane and runs passenger and freight rail transport. Founded to meet rail transport requirements, Trenitalia is committed to seizing market challenges by putting customers at the centre of its work. It strives to make its industrial organisation increasingly modern and efficient, where productivity, profitability and high-quality services are combined with a strong social commitment and a responsibility towards the region and environment where it works. 

Trenitalia is one of the leading railway operators in Europe, with over 8,000 trains running every day. Each year, it transports over half a billion passengers and about 80 million tonnes of freight.  
The company also has a strong international focus, including a series of commercial agreements with other European railway operators and significant acquisitions of shares in foreign operators.


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