IV Railway package: how transport in Europe is changing

International Workshop organised by FS and CER at Expò Milano 2015 on Monday

Monday 26th October is an important day for European rail transport.

It is the date when the International Workshop on the IV Railway package organised by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and CER - Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies, will be held.

The Workshop is a very important stage for the future of railway service liberalisation in Europe, because it is the first time that Parliament and the European Committee face each other informally, away from institutional seats, to discuss the crucial points of the reform, with the aim of accelerating the times on procedures that will lead to the creation of definitive laws.

The matters to be faced are many and all extremely important; regulations that lead to global service improvement will be defined for the future European single railway transport market, with the rational use of public resources and by increasing the appeal for the private capital sector.

Governance and liberalisation will be discussed, together with revision of the public service regulations, new directives on interoperability and safety, plus revision of the European Railway Agency (ERA) regulations.

In addition to the CEOs of FS, Michele Mario Elia, and Trenitalia, Vincenzo Soprano, the Infrastructures and Transport Minister, Graziano Delrio, the European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, the Chairman of the Transport Regulation Authority, Andrea Camanzi, the Chairman of the European Committee for Transport and Tourism Michael Cramer, the Vice-Chairman of the European Parliament, David Maria Sassoli, and the Executive Manager of CER, Libor Lochmanm will also take part.

FS Italiane considers the IV Railway Package as a very important step forward to obtaining the liberalisation of market services in Europe, and hopes that competition with reciprocal regulations will open as quickly as possible.