The FS S.p.A. Board of Directors approves the “FS Italiane Group Anti-corruption Policy”

On 6 July 2022, the FS S.p.A. Board of Directors approved the “Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group Anti-corruption Policy”.

This Anti-corruption Policy serves to standardise and integrate – in a single framework for all Italian and foreign FS Group Companies – the regulations and measures for preventing and combating corruption, promoting a culture inspired by the values of integrity, ethics, legality and transparency, as well as to raise awareness of the principles, prohibitions, rules and conduct that must be observed by all people in the Group, no matter the country in which they operate, along with all third parties with whom the Group establishes professional or business rapports.

The FS Group does not tolerate conduct contrary to the provisions of the Anti-corruption Policy or regulations.

The Anti-corruption Policy is a clear and unequivocal expression of the principle of zero tolerance for corruption on which the FS Group bases its business, in the belief that acting in accordance with legality and integrity, besides being a legal obligation and a moral duty, reflects on the achievement of the objectives and reputation of the individual companies and of the Group whilst contributing to creating value, also for stakeholders, with a view to the pursuit of sustainable success.

With the implementation of the Anti-corruption Policy, in line with best practices and the requirements of the ISO 37001 standard on Anti-bribery Management Systems, the Board of Directors adopts a tone-at-the-top approach in reaffirming and renewing the rigorous anti-corruption strategy that the FS Group has long imposed with the application of the Code of Ethics, the Models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, the corporate Anti-corruption Models, as well as with the adhesion to the Global Compact, whose X principle commits companies to fight corruption in all its forms.