In Milan, the second stage of the cascading of the 2022-2031 Industrial Plan

This meeting was dedicated to innovation and to young people aged under 35 at Italferr, FS Sistemi Urbani and Ferservizi

The Parkin‘Station Multimodal Hub at the Milan Central station hosted the second stage of the 2022-2031 Industrial Plan presentation, which will continue in the Group's main operational headquarters. The protagonists of this event were innovation, one of the enabling factors of the new Plan, and young people under 35 from our Italferr, FS Sistemi Urbani and Ferservizi companies. Because “people are the drivers of innovation and change”, as Chief Executive Officer, Luigi Ferraris, mentioned.

Present in Milan, along with FS CEO Ferraris, were Luca Torchia, Chief Communication Officer and Massimo Bruno, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, together with the four representative CEOs of the four Business Hubs: Vera Fiorani, Luigi Corradi, Gianpiero Strisciuglio and Umberto Lebruto. A team that will travel all over Italy and Europe together, in order to reach the people who are protagonists of the change locally and tell them about FS Group’s new Industrial Plan.

"Today we are in an intermodal hub, which is somewhat a summary, the heart of the future of our Industrial Plan: we have a car park, a railway station and high-speed trains, which are arriving, while the regional ones are departing. We have a great responsibility. Being here today means being the protagonists of this Country, which is what you are and what you do every day with great dedication and devotion", as Luigi Ferraris said in his opening speech.

The presentation was held in a very symbolic place, namely the Multimodal Hub of Milan Central station, an area of 24 thousand square metres with 425 parking spaces, equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles and with ample spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. A virtuous example of the transformation of Italian stations into real strategic intermodal hubs for a more integrated, modern and sustainable mobility. The result of the redevelopment of the former CM7 warehouse, a location that has not been used for some time, the hub is at the service of the numerous people travelling through the Milanese station.

The speech made by the CEO of the FS Group was followed by focus on the new four Business Hubs, true pillars of the new Industrial Plan: Infrastructure, Passengers, Logistics and Urban. The Hubs, linked to specific enabling factors and designed to enhance the specificity of all the Companies in the Group, outline a long-term strategic and industrial vision.

Each stage is an opportunity to present a story of excellence of the FS Group directly from the voice of one of the #100AmbassadorxFS. Today’s protagonist was Alessandra, who is in charge of the Innovate project, the programme that facilitates the generation of innovative ideas in support of the main topics of the Industrial Plan and for the various businesses, simultaneously putting a new mindset into action within the Group. The third edition kick off in early June and will include a first phase dedicated to generating ideas and, at the same time, to team aggregation.

The cascading will continue over the next few weeks at the Group’s main operational headquarters: from ONAE in Bologna and IMC AV in Naples Gianturco to the former Santa Lucia depot in Verona and crossing the national borders, arriving in Germany.