The FS Group’s first InnoWeb Hack dedicated to the Innovation section of the site

Coming to an end today, 20 December, is “Innoweb Hack”, the FS Group hackathon organised in collaboration with Opinno, aimed at developing and proposing ideas and new creative solutions for the “Innovation” section of the website.

 Over two days, seven teams comprised of talents and experts in Web Design and User Experience joined forces with developers and new technology enthusiasts to challenge each other to find and propose creative solutions able to bring innovation to the corporate website as part of a strategic and essential theme of the FS Group’s new 2022–2031 Business Plan.

 The event was held digitally whilst participants were supported by mentors, including FS Group and Opinno employees.

 The winning team was M’Innovo, receiving vouchers to travel with the FS Group worth a total of 2,400 euro.