The 2020 FS Digital Star Group

Trenitalia and the Italian State Railways as the top two digital excellences of the mobility and transport sector. The focus remains fixed on the people

FS and its universe, comprised of employees and travellers. At the heart of this rapport are the values that forge the FS Digital Star 2020 Group. These values consist in a clear vision and constant commitment, as Chief Executive Officer Gianfranco Battisti explains as being, “Transparency, trust, professionalism. And especially the person and their needs at the heart. An ambitious but undeferrable challenge, one that is demanding but winnable. The best way forward, with indicators on the path for all Group companies and Directorates to take, on which our strategies have always been and will continue to be based also and especially during the delicate phase of restart following the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 health emergency.”

As a result of the privileged relationship between the FS brand and people, the recognition of the Group as a Digital Star amongst Italian companies that have managed to transform,  reads the La Repubblica newspaper’s Affari&Finanza section, “the relationship between users and brands into something that increasingly resembles a human relationship.” The German Quality and Finance Institute, in the second edition of the ranking, awarded first and second place to Trenitalia and Italian State Railways respectively, as “Digital Stars” of the mobility and transport sector.

“This result,” confirms Battisti, “is not one of chance but of the constant and daily teamwork carried out by the FS Italiane Group and its companies. The relationship with citizens, with the media and with stakeholders plays a fundamental role in transmitting the idea of developing the future - sustainable, shared and integrated - that we in the FS Group are pursuing.” Indeed, innovation, technology and digitalisation are the fundamental drivers that guide the Italian State Railways towards an increasingly sustainable development, guaranteeing quality and efficiency.

Now in its second edition, the study availed of the Social Listening Index (SLX) to analyse online comments from a sample of 2,000 potentially-relevant companies in Italy. This project, conducted over 12 months, resulted in some 2.5 million online texts being gathered, containing references to the themes of technology, innovation and digitalisation, analysing the sources (about 438 million) present across the entire web, social media, portals, forums, blogs and videos.

After this initial phase, only the 350 companies to have used the digital revolution to benefit their relationship with the customer remained in the competition. The digital communication scenario will be increasingly rich in innovations and areas to discover in the coming years. And the FS group rises to this challenge. As CEO Battisti concludes, “The digital and technology, in fact, allow ever greater connections between people and between the company and its passengers. These are indispensable qualities for today’s restart and the transport model that we strive every day to construct for tomorrow, as envisaged by us at FS.”