Genoa: agreement between the Municipality and the FS Group to extend the subway

Genoa, 8 May 2019

Signed today by the Municipality of Genoa and the FS Italiane Group (Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, Trenitalia and FS Sistemi Urbani) were the Protocols of Understanding for the utilisation of the railway areas covered by the extension of the subway to Martinez and Canepari.

Thus, an important step has been taken along the path which the municipal administration has been paving for years to extend the subway line towards the districts of San Fruttuoso and Rivarolo, as an important and strategic undertaking for the city.

The journey to complete the work continues with the necessary acquisition of the railway areas necessary for the extensions. Today, this phase is made possible by the agreement reached with the FS Group, which led to the signing of these Memoranda of Understanding, preparatory to the purchase of the areas. In fact, whilst we proceed with designing the routes on the one hand, on the other the necessary assessments and actions will be carried out in preparation for their acquisition. Furthermore, a new urban layout will be studied for the enhancement of the areas in Terralba to be impacted upon by the further continuation towards the San Martino hospital.

In recent years, the municipal administration has obtained financing totalling 152 million euro, for the development of the subway in the direction of Terralba (with the Brignole-Martinez section) and towards Rivarolo (with the Brin-Canepari section) as well as for a further fleet of 14 trains.

Several protocols have been signed over the years concerning the Genoese subway. Since 1987, there has been a Convention for the so-called "Targeted Projects", to regulate the design of an integrated transport system for the city, completed in 1999 with an initial Memorandum of Understanding with the Ferrovie, where the two corridors suitable for the continuation of the subway have been identified as extending the Canepari railway area and the Terralba area. A further agreement was signed in 2003 to facilitate the realisation of the continuation project towards the stadium, partially (60%) financed at the time by the State, with a loan that was subsequently revoked.