RFI receives recognition for the SalaBlu+ app

Merit from the Association of families of victims of road traffic collisions

Rome, 15 April 2019

RFI (FS Italiane Group) receives a certificate of merit for the innovative SalaBlu+ app.

The Associazione Familiari e Vittime della Strada (being the Association of Families and Road Victims) has given recognition to the Infrastructure Manager for the application dedicated to people with disabilities and reduced mobility - including some victims of car or motorcycle accidents - who choose to travel by train using the free assistance service of the Sala Blu circuit.

In continuous development to offer an increasingly better experience, the new SalaBlu+ app allows users to plan their train trip by providing a real virtual tutor. With SalaBlu+, assistance requests can be submitted directly via smartphone to one of the 300-plus stations managed by the Sala Blu service, keeping in touch with the operators through chat or by telephone.