A #goodreason for road safety

An Anas initiative to sensitise road users to dangerous situations

Rome, 23 March 2018

The musical contest dedicated to emerging singers and bands has concluded. The contest is part of the #goodreason road safety campaign, promoted last December by Anas and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in collaboration with the State Police. The aim is to make road users aware of dangerous situations that can occur when rules aren't followed.

Dozens and dozens of song and music entries were sent through buonmotivo.it, the online platform dedicated to the competition. The contest participants composed an original and unreleased track in which they recited a "good reason" to drive and get around more safely.

There were three evaluation criteria: originality, musical quality, and consistency of the message to the goal of the communication campaign. The selection process was entrusted to a jury of experts comprised of journalists, representatives of the Public Relations branch of Anas, directed by Mario Avagliano, and State Police, and with the input of representatives from some of the radio stations involved in the project.

The winner was young musician and singer-songwriter Giorgio Baldari from Rome with his unpublished song "La strada è di tutti". Second place was awarded to musician and singer Gianluca Pretorino of Florence with his song "Scelgo te," and third place went to the band Strà with their unpublished song "La mia strada". The winner gets to play his song on some local radio stations throughout the country and participate in live music events and initiatives promoted by Anas.