Busitalia: 83 new buses in service in Umbria in 2018

The renewal of the fleet of the Umbria Regional Directorate continues: 53 for extra-urban services, 27 for urban services and 3 for tourism  

Perugia, 10 December 2018

Eighty-three new buses in service in 2018 for the mobility of the Umbria Region. A renewal of the Regional Directorate of Umbria Busitalia fleet.

Nine different types - four for urban services, four for suburban services, and one for tourist services, (rental) - as a whole, they are able to better respond to the multiple mobility needs of the Umbria region with its variegated and unique morphological and landscape features. The common denominator is the low environmental impact and the high standards in terms of safety, comfort and accessibility.

The renewed fleet was presented today by the Regional Director of Umbria of Busitalia Velio Del Bolgia in Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia to the President of the Region Catiuscia Marini, the Regional Councillor for Mobility Giuseppe Chianella, the Mayor of Perugia Andrea Romizi, the Councillor for Mobility of the Municipality of Perugia Cristiana Casaioli and to the other Umbrian town administrations.

Urban services range from 15 capacious Citaro C2 buses (110 seats) to the 5 agile Citymood vehicles, 3 Vivacity CE6, and 4 Sprinter City 65K (27 seats), the latter most suitable for serving smaller centres.

The extra-urban bus fleet is enriched by 36 Intouro, 12 Setra S417UL for long distances, 4 Interlink, and 1 Sprinter Transfer B.45, the latter two models suitable for smaller roads.

Buses for rental services are the Setra S516HD, the flagship of the Busitalia tourism fleet.