The digital tourism experience train

Trenitalia’s new call4startup

On 29 March at 5:00 pm will be the live launch of Trenitalia’s Train Digital Tourism Experience – call4startup. The event, entirely digital in line with the stringent measures imposed by the pandemic, foresees the participation – in addition to the FS Innovazione Group and Trenitalia Campania NewSteel, a certified incubator at the Innovation Hub FS in Naples, along with the academic and institutional world.

To relaunch the tourism sector and collective transport, Trenitalia is opening a new challenge to enhance destinations and places of artistic and cultural interest spread throughout the Italian territory and anticipating the new tourist streams able to reach these sites by train.

The focus is thus on the search for innovative solutions in the field of Digital Tourism and Leisure to improve the travel experience. In particular, digital ideas and projects are required to support and stimulate the customer during the inspirational phase and choice of journey, especially through indirect calls to action, not closely connected to the mere reservation stage.