Innovation Days 2018

On the 16th and 17th of May, Leaders in Innovation meet in Catania

Innovation Days 2018: national and international leaders in innovation will meet in Catania to reflect on integrated mobility as a driver for economic development.

Final stop on the Congiunzioni roadshow hosted by Anas to celebrate 90 years of history: an opportunity for FS Italiane Group to talk about innovation and the future of mobility.

The Innovation Days 2018 Program

Wednesday 16th May – The future of sustainable mobility

FS Italiane’s robot, Pepper, kicks off the first day dedicated to the future of sustainable mobility: a debate between institutions, companies and universities on the themes of innovation and transport. There will be talks about how to build integrated and sustainable mobility for the future with Renato Mazzoncini, CEO of FS Italiane, Gianni Vittorio Armani, CEO of Anas, Nello Musumeci, President of the Region of Sicily, Thomas Miao, CEO Huawei Italy, Franco Fenoglio, President of Italscania, Nico Torrisi, CEO of Catania Airports Company, Andrea Annunziata, President of the Catania Port Authority and Ennio Cascetta, President of Anas.

Mobility Camp: FS Italiane meets mobility start-ups

Rita Casalini, FS Italiane’s Head of Open Innovation, will present the Group’s innovation projects, in particular the UbreakU project which, in 2017, won the Laureati FS Innovation Lab competition. Ten integrated mobility start-ups talk to companies and institutions:

  • Park Smart – for parking management and flow detection
  • Pista – car sharing 
  • Bus as a sensor (JOL) – a university project on the possibility of collecting environmental, flow and habit data using bus sensors
  • Bycare Lab – anti-theft for bikes
  • Tripoow – flight travel solutions for users
  • NetBike – bike sharing with nature tours displayed on devices on the bikes
  • Futuro Solare – research project for cars powered entirely by solar energy, with a prototype in the University Square
  • LaBoo – bicycle made from bamboo with a prototype
  • MVMANT – AI for car-sharing with predefined routes
  • Ecopneus – asphalt made from recycled rubber tyres

Thursday 17th May – The future of sustainable mobility

The second day is dedicated to workshops on sustainability, technology and mobility with technological innovation as the protagonist. Each workshop will host round tables in which top managers of companies and institutions will participate.

Sustainability Workshop:

  • Economic sustainability: high utility innovation
  • Environmental sustainability: integrated mobility and electric mobility
  • Social sustainability: technology and innovation, focus on the social impact of autonomous driving systems

Technology Workshop:

  • Advanced communication technologies and cyber security
  • Intelligent systems, Lot and automations, Smart Roads
  • Big data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Lot, Connected Car

Mobility Workshop:

  • Smart mobility: Intelligent infrastructures, integrated systems, connectivity and information
  • Green mobility: Electric mobility, last mile logistics, sharing
  • Driverless: Automation that will revolutionise lifestyles

The end of the event will see the show by Danilo Rea and Alex Braga: "Cracking Danilo Rea"; the pianist challenges Artificial Music Intelligence created by the University of Rome 3 with Alex Brage.

Sustainability, innovation and the circular economy according to FS Italiane

Managing the transport of people and goods in an efficient and sustainable manner is one of the challenges that FS Italiane is facing, as featured in its Strategic Industrial Plan 2017-2026.

The FS Italiane Group aims to become a door-to-door mobility operator, able to accompany passengers and goods from their front door to their final destination. In order to do this, the Group’s companies are renewing their train and bus fleets: innovative and highly-efficient solutions that lead to both energy and emissions savings. Stations are fundamental hubs for this new concept of integrated mobility, becoming an exchange point between different transport systems.