What you don't know about FS Italiane

International awards, projects abroad and new challenges to be leading figures in the future

The Italian State Railway stands out nationally and internationally with its technological excellence, efficiency and safety. These results have been achieved thanks to our company’s constant focus on research and innovation in the railway and transport infrastructure sector.

In fact, the Group boasts the most advanced safety systems in the world: according to a study by the International Union of Railways, FS Italiane is now the safest in Europe and is making another giant leap forward in technological innovation which will guarantee infrastructure and railway traffic safety.

The investments made in recent years have allowed FS Italiane to be at the forefront on the world stage. We have invested about €5 billion in innovative technologies for development and we have the lowest accident rate in Europe and one of the lowest in the world. These figures show the value of the leap made by our Group, which in a few years has gone from an industrial organisation based on electro-mechanical technologies to a new production and management platform heavily based on electronics and IT systems.

This radical paradigm shift has helped us achieve major international scientific awards, such as the Best Paper Award in Toronto (Canada), and has seen us move to top spot in Europe

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