Purchasing and Logistics

Purchasing and Negotiating Activities

Ensures the management of the company's qualification system and the management of the process of purchasing goods and services to obtain the best market and quality conditions, in compliance with the procedures outlined by the Code of Contracts and Company Regulations, optimising purchase processing times as a whole. Specifically, industry surveys, scouting and market surveys are carried out and pre-contractual, negotiating and contractual steps are managed until framework agreements are signed with suppliers.

Role Examples:

Carries out analysis of the requirements of the internal buyer and the documentation provided. Manages the contractual activity for the purchasing department (tender notices, general inspections for the selection of competitors, preparation of invitation letters and bid requests, preparation of contract forms to be signed by a State prosecutor, securities and guarantees, fulfilment of Anti-mafia obligations, predisposition of contractual formalisation acts) and manages the activity related to the formal acts relative to the execution of the contracts of competence. Supervises activities aimed at publishing the invitations to tender in compliance with current legislation in force. Manages the tendering and negotiating activities by looking for the best technical-economic conditions obtainable on the referenced markets, respecting the quantities and delivery times required by the contracting structures.

Market Analyst providers TRENITALIA
Monitors the trend in market prices of products/services.
Supervises the collecting and analysing of information regarding the supplier market as well as reporting from functional contract managers to market analysis. Delivers segmentation of suppliers per products and technological innovations for the definition of new goods/services providers and alternative purchasing solutions.

Manages all the phases related to the procurement of "non-core" goods and services for Group Companies. Specifically, the buyer schedules the requirements of the Clients through the collection of requirements and the preparation of their operating modalities, carries out market analysis to contribute to the definition of the sourcing strategy, follows the activities strictly related to management and compilation of bids and transmitting them, measures the performance of the vendor and deals with customer relationship management regarding the satisfaction level of the supplies.

Buyer for RFI
Manages the research, selection, choice and evaluation of suppliers and/or components of the railway network (rails, diverters, etc.) and the components of the power grid (copper wires, cables) contributing to optimal management of the service to which they are intended.

Assistance for Tender Calls and Contracts

Manages all pre-tender procedures for the purchase of goods and services for the Group, both nationally and within the European Union, following all phases from support to design, the identification of the competition strategy, to the conclusion of contractual acts.

Role Examples:

Officer/Expert Managing Tenders and Contracts for FERSERVIZI
It deals with the preparation and publication of the notice, check the documentation of the participating companies, the preparation and delivery of tender documentation, management and conduct of the tender commission operations, examination of the offers received, the award the race and the administrative checks and signs the contract. Care also relations with the Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts while conducting procedural and operates the pre-litigation / dispute in accordance with legal and corporate affairs.


It ensures the material supply cycle, carefully reflected bills and oversees the operation of domestic warehouses, containing stocks and the coordination of issues relating to the transportation of materials.

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