Master's degree and specialized training courses

In collaboration with universities, academic and training institutions

Our company endorses 2nd level specialist Master’s degrees run by some of the most prestigious Italian universities, with a view to training highly qualified professionals and developing the necessary skills for the competitiveness of the business.

Supporting high-level training initiatives in various business areas lets us meet the entire Group’s needs and offer young university students the chance to work at a complex company such as ours.

Our collaboration involves working with the university on the students’ training requirements and basic and transferable skills, according to our Group’s model, when defining teaching programmes, providing expert experience and teaching from FS Italiane staff, developing work projects on subjects of common interest and offering the chance to experience an internship with us.


Homeland security                                                                      

Economia e gestione immobiliare

Antitrust e regolazione dei mercati

Geospatial science & GIS technology

Gestione e tecnica dei trasporti e della logistica

Procurement management                                                                                                                                                                       

Scientific cooperation agreement                 

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