In the week from 9th to 15th November 2016, the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and the Mettiamoci in Gioco campaign will work together to make citizens more aware of the risk of gambling

Mettiamoci in Gioco was developed to increase the awareness of public opinion and institutions on the phenomenon of gambling and its social, health and economic consequences in our Country.

The Campaign ad will be shown on the screens on-board the Trenitalia FrecceGrandi Stazioni and Centostazioni trains; informative material will be distributed from the FS Italiane Help Center and the La Freccia magazine will dedicate two pages to gambling and the Campaign.

The message will also travel over the FS Italiane social accounts, through twitter (@FSNews_it and @Lefrecce) and Youtube.

The aim of the ads is not only to help people who gamble, but also their family and friends, and more in general help the public understand the deceptiveness of the messages that promote gambling, in particular those that promise easy wins. 

They are misleading promises, and the Campaign answers with the slogan “The more you play, the more you lose. (It’s mathematical!)”.

The initiative was presented on 9th November at Rome, in the presence of the Infrastructure and Transport Minister Graziano Delrio, the CEO of the FS Italiane Group Michele Mario Elia and Don Armando Zappolini, Spokesman of the Mettiamoci in Gioco campaign.

In 2013, 84.7 billion Euro was spent on betting in Italy. 

67.3 billion Euro was returned to players as winnings, while the “bank” earned 17.1 billion, equal to 400 dollars lost per head per year in international statistics. 

It is a sad record, with each Italian losing twice as much as a person from France or Spain: the situation is worse only in Australia. 

Of the 17 billion Euro won by the ‘bank’, which is the equivalent of a financial budget, 8.1 billion is taken by the State and 8.7 billion by the betting shop/site.

According to the researcher Sabrina Molinaro of the Pisa CNR, a “social gambler” is generally male, around 40 years old, married, employed, prevalently with a diploma, and with a personal income of from 15,000 to 36,000 Euro. 

This person mainly plays scratchcards, Lotto (Lottery) and Superenalotto (super-jackpot lottery), and bets on sporting events, spending an average of 20 Euro each week.

Alternatively, there are “problem players”, prevalently male, around 35 years of age and in half the cases unemployed and with a personal income of less than 15,000 Euro. 

One in three of this category uses at least one illegal substance during the year. 

Problem players play 3 or more games together, mixing video poker with sporting and other events, and spends from 350 to 1500 Euro each month.

The problem player category has increased during the last three years, reaching a figure of 1.6% of the population, in figures equivalent to around 250,000 people, while CNR studies show a slight drop in the number of social gamblers, which moved from 83.4% in 2010-2011 to 80% in 2013-14, but still 16 million people as an absolute value.

The Campaign

Mettiamoci in gioco” is the national campaign against the risks of gambling promoted by Acli, Ada, Adusbef, Anci, Anteas, Arci, Associazione Orthos, Auser, Aupi, Avviso Pubblico, Azione Cattolica Italiana, Cgil, Cisl, Cnca, Conagga, Ctg, Federazione Scs-Cnos/Salesiani per il sociale, Federconsumatori, FeDerSerD, Fict, Fitel, Fp Cgil, Gruppo Abele, InterCear, Ital Uil, Lega Consumatori, Libera, Scuola delle Buone Pratiche/Legautonomie-Terre di mezzo, Shaker-pensieri senza dimora, Uil, Uil Pensionati, Uisp.

It was started in 2012 to make the general public and institutions more aware of the real characteristics of gambling in our country and its social, health and economic consequences. It puts forward proposals to regulate the phenomenon, and supplies data and information.