The Group has always been involved in social issues, setting up many initiatives and projects

If you use public transport and trains to get to the exhibition, you will help reduce the event’s environmental impact

Milan, 4 October 2016

The CSR and social innovation exhibition scheduled for 4th and 5th October 2016 at Bocconi University in Milan is now coming to its fourth year.

A highly anticipated event by anyone who works in sustainabilitysocial innovation and CSR, it is considered the most important event in Italy on these issues.

Thanks to a cultural programme featuring an interdisciplinary approach, this exhibition offers businesses and other social actors the chance to explore and get the latest info on sustainability strategies and tools.

Plenty of multidisciplinary meetings, lots of networking space and many interactive activities help turn visitors into actors for change too.

Having always been involved in social issues, the FS Italiane Group will be attending the event.

Over the last few years, FS Italiane has set up many initiatives and projects on social hardship around railways, disabilities and regional redevelopment, fully adhering to the principles of corporate social responsibility that are a hallmark of the Italian State Railways.

The concept of the exhibition

We are part of a rapidly changing society where only collaboration among various social actors can lead to a new development model and create shared value.

To try to understand current changes and to identify factors that can contribute towards the sustainability of organisations, the 2016 exhibition has chosen three key words: change, cohesion and competitiveness.

Similarly to previous years, the fourth edition will be characterised by its capacity to combine practice and theory, offering high-level content, giving space to positive experiences and creating networking opportunities.

But it will also tap into new energies and meet businesses, non-profit organisations, experts, students and teachers who are already leading figures in the future of sustainability.

Who are the leading figures of the fourth edition?

There will be 30% more “leading” organisations than last time: with 143 businesses compared with 110 in 2015.

50% are large businesses, 25% are SMEs and another 25% are non-profit organisations and foundations.

25% of the total are organisations in the manufacturing sector, while 75% operate in the services sector.

Out of the 143 leading figures, 35% are taking part for the first time, while 65% have already attended previous editions.

FS Italiane is one of the institutional partners.

Maratona d’impresa

A marathon of ideas, proposals, experiences and stories; non-stop live streaming; a special event characterising this edition of the Exhibition.

Maratona d’impresa - a programme created by the TerzoCanale show with the Exhibition and produced by Reteconomy/Sky - can be viewed on Reteconomy Sky sites (channel 512):, L’, Rai Economia, Askanews and Affaritaliani.

Everyone will be able to make their voice heard in the Hyde Park area: you will have a maximum of one minute to leave a message, present a project or recommend a sustainability initiative. 

It will be a unique occasion to contribute to the debate on the future of CSR.