To guarantee all clients a pleasant, safe journey, it is essential to protect staff and allow them to perform their jobs in the best way possible.

Any form of violence or threats to people working for the country's mobility is an attack not only against the FS Italiane Group, but above all to the individuals who work on trains and in stations every day.

President Gioia Ghezzi and FS Italiane Group CEO and MD Renato Mazzoncini have launched a campaign against attacks on line staff, who are increasingly exposed to rudeness and violence. The campaign, which was launched on 25 November 2017, is shown on Trenitalia monitors and at ticket offices, in the digital systems inside RFI stations and at Busitalia bus stops.

FS Italiane Group employees have provided images of their children to narrate the human side of the people who wear our uniforms through their eyes and their expressions.