Florence, Passante AV: the construction site of the future Belfiore station opens its doors to citizens

The initiative is part of the 'Cantieri Parlanti' project, implemented by FS Group in cooperation with MIT

Florence, 06 February 2024

Satisfy your curiosity about the construction phases of the project and monitor the work for the station of tomorrow for yourself. With these objectives in mind, the construction site of the new HV station in Belfiore, opened its doors to 40 citizens of Florence for the second time since last December. The visit is part of the 'Cantieri Parlanti' project, implemented by FS Group with the companies of the RFI Infrastructure Unit and Italferr - in cooperation with MIT.

A guided tour in which participants, accompanied by Client representatives and after an explanation of the work, had the opportunity to access the construction site areas and visit the Infopoint in Via Circondaria, currently a point of reference for anyone wishing to acquire information on the project and its evolution.

During the meeting, RFI representatives provided not only details on the progress of the work, but also on the architectural choices that will characterise the new station. Particular attention was paid to the steel-glass roof, which will rise to about 18 metres in height and allow natural light to reach the iron surface. The low vaulted roof with photovoltaic cells embedded in the intermediate panels will act as an 'artificial sky', capable of filtering sunlight and replicating the external colours inside the structure.

Among the issues addressed during the visit were the layout of the work, the design choices, the progress of the TBM and the management of the excavated soil. The visitors were able to observe the real-time loading of the soil onto the railway convoys departing for Santa Barbara.