Genoa: Italferr entrusted with designing the connection to Erzelli hill

Genoa, 21 February 2020

Italferr is to plan the new monorail of Genoa that will connect the future railway station of Erzelli with the Technology Park (hospital and university).

The engineering company of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, in the form of a Temporary Association of Companies (TAC), has won the tender launched by the Municipality of Genoa and shall commence the Technical and Economic Feasibility Project for the works.

The operation consists of a lift system, of a monorail type, that is not to exceed 2.3 kilometres in length and will consist of a downline station connected to the railway station and prepared for future expansion to the Cristoforo Colombo airport plus two stations at the summit of the Erzelli hill. A deposit and control room are also planned.

In particular, the design will ensure greater fruition and interchange within the areas of interest, in complete respect of environmental sustainability for the entire urban mobility system.

This new commitment for Italferr in the Genoese territory strengthens its position as a leader in metropolitan transport after the design of the Turin Subway, Genoa Subway, Padua Tram, two lines of the Tashkent Subway and the Doha Subway, whilst also consolidating the company in the international scene within a highly-specialised transport sector in constant growth.

This project confirms Italferr’s strong commitment to the diversification of its business and know-how in Italy and abroad.