Foto: Italferr

Italferr, the Italian State Railways’ engineering firm, is the embodiment of great Italian engineering consolidated over move than 30 years of large-scale infrastructural projects in the conventional and high-speed rail sectors, metropolitan and road transport and planning of ports and stations, both in Italy and abroad. 

From planning to contracting, management and supervision of works, inspection and activation of lines, stations, intermodal centres and dry ports, project management, organisational consultancy, training and transfer of specialist and innovative expertise.

Italferr performs planning and awards contracts in the name and on behalf of Italian State Railways (FS), carries out project management and supervision of construction for all the FS Group’s large-scale rail investments, participates in tenders for Planning, Management and Supervision of Works and for Project Management and Project Management Consulting all over the world.

Provision of highly technological and innovative services, global oversight of awarded projects and activities, specialist and systemic expertise in the best engineering tradition, and training and organisational courses for management of its clients, are the main secrets of the firm’s success.

Thanks to an effective business development strategy and a stable presence in the countries in which significant investments are planned, Italferr is able to offer its wealth of experience and flexibility in the international arena and to compete successfully.

Its strategic decisions are founded on the principles of ethics and sustainability in the firm belief that only a quest for balance between technical, economic, social and environmental factors can bring solid, long-lasting development.

Management board

Chairman: Paola Firmi

Chief Executive Officer: Andrea Nardinocchi

Board Members: Francesca BartoliFranco FenoglioClaudia Eccher

Supervisory council  

Statutory auditors: Micol Marisa (acting as Chairperson), Annamaria Madeo, Michele Farese 

Substitute statutory auditors: Monica Petrella, Luca Provaroni

Innovation, Information Technologies and Digitization: Daniela Aprea

Stategy and Sustainability Department: Andrea Nardinocchi (ad interim)

Administration, Planning and Control: Alessandra Cardegari

Programs Planning and Project Control Department: Alessandro Calisti

Human Resources & Organisation Department: Angelo Sferrazza

Legal Affairs Department: Luca Gentiloni Silveri 

Procurement: Fabrizio Ranucci

Risk Officer: Guido Mastrobuono

HSQE System Management and Production Services Department: Andrea Nardinocchi (ad interim)

Business Development & No Captive Department: Roberto Borghi

Technical Department: Donato Ludovici

Infrastructure Projects Management Department: Luigi Evangelista

Technologies and Integration Projects Department: Paola Pascucci

Income Statement  / (Amounts in MIO €) 

    2018 2017 2016
ROE RN/MP* 19% 9% 17%
ROI RO/CI* 33%   
Level of financial debt DF/MP n.v. nv
Average receivables collection (days) (CRED/RIC)X360 114,7 129,2 133,9

IC*: Average net Invested Capital (between start and end of period)
FD: Financial Debt
EQ: Average Equity (between start and end of period)
EQ*: Average Equity (between start and end of period) net of result
OR: Operating Revenue
NR: Net Result
OI: Operating Income
AR: Average Accounts Receivables (between start and end of period) gross of provision for depreciation