The new US Administration’s strategy is generating interest for a new mobility facing climate emergency, by ensuring the US achieves a 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions no later than 2050. A US High-Speed Rail (HSR) Master Plan could represent the backbone of such a new mobility. The HSR is a great opportunity to boost the mobility of the US citizens and its construction has always been related to the concepts of innovation and technological development.

Japan, Europe and China have decided to implement HSR systems long time ago; in fact, connectivity at 220 miles per hour is now a reality in many Countries around the world. Competition gave benefits in many industries, but it is still unusual in the railway sector, especially in the passenger segments.

Italy was the first Country in the world to undergo a railway liberalization process regarding the HSR market. Italy is an example concerning the rail competition with its area of particular excellence regarding traffic management of multiple operators on the same rail network. Furthermore, Italy was the first Country that equipped its HSR network with the most advanced safety system (ERTMS level 2) representing the European standard for HSR lines.

Here is what we can do:

1. High-speed rail

Italy is a benchmark in HSR:

  • Interoperable rail network based on the ERTMS level 2 EU standard;
  • First Country worldwide experiencing competition in HSR (more than a decade).

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2. Multi-operator dispatching (ensuring capacity optimization and competition)

An efficient Infrastructure Manager (RFI) and a devoted rail governance aimed at:

  • Ensuring competition and non-discrimination during the slot allocation process;
  • Harmonizing multi-carrier train operations through state-of-the-art OCCs (Operational Control Centers).

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3. Rail engineering on the whole line

Specialized “rail-related” Engineering and Certification services:

  • Our engineering company Italferr has a distinctive profile for program/project delivery (specific rail design and solutions);
  • Our certification company Italcertifer is a worldwide benchmark for compliance verification and safety in the railway sector (rail infrastructure, rolling stock and vehicles).

4. Multi-modality and last mile

Modal integration is key in favoring the shift to public transportation (door-to-door solutions). Public authority management shall be complemented with an innovative mobility eco-system.

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