FS Italiane recognized by INAIL of Genoa

Ferrovie dello Stato recognized as a virtuous company


Genoa, 26 July 2018

As part of a fact-finding survey promoted by INAIL Liguria and the Liguria Region Councillor for Equality, Laura Amoretti, the companies that have developed and facilitated a serene working environment, based on constructive interpersonal dynamics, have been identified.

In this context, the Ferrovie dello Stato Group has received recognition for best representing its "best practices" in terms of corporate welfare and diversity identified as tools capable of improving workers' well-being and motivation, facilitating the balance and integration between life and work, ensuring an ever greater presence of women in the company, considered good for the company itself.

In line with these ideals, the FS Group has in fact developed a series of initiatives aimed at creating better working conditions for all those working for the company, favouring the growth of women at all levels of the organization in the future.

These initiatives are designed and coordinated by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A.'s holding company and are then delegated to the various companies (Trenitalia, RFI, ltalferr, Ferservizi, ltalcertifer, Mercitalia, etc.) which, through their operating offices, are distributed throughout the Italian territory.

The FS Group participated in the following welfare and diversity project initiatives (including in Liguria):

  • Gift Yourself Prevention Week, a week dedicated to senologic visits for eighty female Genoa-based colleagues, overseen by medical specialists belonging to the Italian Cancer League (LILT, Genoa branch) and by experts from the Regional Directorate of INAIL Liguria with advice on accident prevention and correct posture at work .
  • One + one = three. Meeting makes a difference, a training course and team coaching for five days, intended for both mothers and their managers. An important action to support women in the search for balance between personal and work life, but also to help them reflect on their professional path to rediscover the energy of being the architects of their own personal development. 28 participants including 16 new mothers and 12 managers took part in Liguria.
  • Smart Working activated at an inter-company level after a 9-month trial identifying selected employees on the basis of an organizational analysis among the employees of 6 Group companies (Ferrovie dello Stato, Trenitalia, RFI, Ferservizi, ltalferr, ltalcertifer).
  • Moving Welfare Portal, a unique and integrated tool in which to find all the Group's welfare and people care offers. The Portal, to which approximately 60,000 employees have access, of which about 3,444 are from the Liguria Region, as well as offering a wide catalogue of services and leisure and well-being activities, for the education of children and for the care of family members, is the tool through which employees can submit reimbursement requests for life time and work time reconciliation services and access unilateral company contributions (e.g. childcare contribution, vacation-study training aid abroad, etc.).

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