The truth is we never stopped.
Just when time seemed to stand still,
our thoughts began to head in a new direction.
In that instant everything changed.
At the darkest of moments
we discovered light.
To support that light
we built something solid.
We found our pace,
sometimes fast, other times slow.

A human pace, Un Tempo Nuovo.

For some of us, this may mean change, resilience; for others, it could represent a new experience, a new destination or simply a new beginning. #Untemponuovo is a journey that features our future, that of each of us, our families, our communities, our country. A journey to be told, a sharing of a story that is even digital, to expound upon one’s own idea of new time.

3, 2, 1, go. On Instagram we have launched an FS Group branded filter. So, what is your new time? New habits, new friends, new journeys, new emotions ... With sights firmly fixed on the future and on sustainability.

The most original and creative content will be shared on FS properties to increasingly connect people to a great reality like Ferrovie, a pillar of the historical, social and economic fabric of Italy.

Let's try the FS filter with your smartphone and share your story!