FS Italiane, the new institutional campaign – “Un tempo nuovo” – kicks off

Set to accompany the Group’s 2022–2031 Industrial Plan, with Luigi Ferraris at the helm

Rome, 16 May 2022

“Un Tempo Nuovo”  is the latest institutional campaign accompanying the 2022–2031 Industrial Plan of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, led by CEO Luigi Ferraris.

The slogan emphasises the importance of the historical moment we are experiencing, in a world that needs to react whilst sustaining various directions and needs, to look confidently at the opportunities that the future holds.

With an ambitious Industrial Plan that addresses the challenges of a world that has radically changed and is in search of new, more sustainable production, economic and social models, the FS Group is focusing on increasingly resilient and integrated infrastructure, sustainable mobility, integrated logistics, innovation, digitalisation and the empowerment of people, becoming the ambassador and promoter of a new vision of life, a conquest of lightness that can only be achieved with solid tools.

Lightness that is not superficiality, but quality and value. The ability to imagine ourselves and our relationships with other people differently, the ability to observe what happens to us from new angles.

“Un Tempo Nuovo”, the film

The images of the institutional film flow by to the notes of “Sunset on M.” by Dardust, an Italian artist who fuses tradition and musical innovation in projects that have been received with great success worldwide.

The direction is by Paolo Genovese, who accepted the challenge of narrating this “new time”, talking about Italy and Italians in search of the most positive and innovative experiences of recent years and those that lie ahead. The production company is Cattleya and the agency is Hdrà ADV.

The campaign is planned to run on major national TV stations, social media channels and in online publications. In the press and poster campaign, the focus is on people, who are always the centre of attention.

The colours and shades of each subject create a real photographic effect, which contributes to the narrative of the new phase for the FS Group.

In addition to the maxi-billboards in major Italian cities will be digital installations bearing the most beautiful images from the film.

“Un Tempo Nuovo”, the social media campaign
The Industrial Plan will also unfurl through social media. Indeed, an FS Group branded filter will be launched on Instagram and then on TikTok, inviting people to actively recount and share their own new time, their green habits, travels, their vision for the future and sustainability.

A real call to action going out to all those living in the digital world, to share their vision of a new time linked to the Group’s values and strategic themes. The most original and creative content will be shared on FS properties through an activity of engagement, with the aim of bringing people even closer to a great reality like Ferrovie, a pillar of the historical, social and economic fabric of our country.

FS Group

Chief Communications Officer: Luca Torchia

Head of Advertising and Brand Reputation: Riccardo Corsini

Advertising: Cristina Poggi


Agency: Hdrà ADV

Executive Creative Director: Cristiana Guidi

Creative Direction: Emiliano Antonetti

Senior Art Director: Stefania Cialone

Senior Copywriter: Marco Cherubini

General Manager: Barbara Sarica

Client Director: Moony Cusano

Strategic Planner: Valeria Montebello

Film Office: Fabio Cimino


Studio: Cattleya

Director: Paolo Genovese 

GM & Ex. Producer: Martino Benvenuti 

MNG Production: Christian Scacco 

Producer: Alessia Sala, Chiara De Nicola 

DOP: Guido Mazzoni

Steady Cam Operator: Michel Franco

Assistant Director: David Turchi

Set Design: Amos Caparrotta

Costuming: Elena Manferdini

Second Unit Director: Francesco Quadrelli

Drone Operator: Shadi Hussein

Colourist: Luca Parma

Video Post-Production: Artificio Post

Audio Post-Production: Suoni Lab 

Backstage: Onda Videoproduzioni

Photographer: Federica Valabrega

VMLY&R Agency (for digital and social media activities)

Executive Creative Director: Federico Russo

Head of Customer Experience Innovation: Gaspare Riccobene

Social Media Manager: Alessandro Asciutto

Copywriter: Alice Maselli

Art Director: Jacopo Guzzarri

Experience Designer: Giorgio Sannino