The women’s cancer prevention campaign returns in October

From 1 to 31 October, Frecciarosa returns. The women’s cancer prevention project promoted by the IncontraDonna Foundation together with the FS Group is in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

Throughout the month, it will be possible to have free examinations and consultations with medical specialists and with IncontraDonna volunteers on Frecce, Intercity and regional trains as well as in the FRECCIALounge at Roma Termini and Milano Centrale.

In addition, thanks to the Health Vademecum, disseminated through the media and social media networks along with over 600,000 copies distributed physically, passengers will be able to have at hand a guide full of useful and certified information to combat the onset of many diseases.

The Frecciarosa initiative, launched in 2010 by the FS Group, is repeated each year and, over time, has attracted increasing commitment. Indeed, the number of participating partners and scientific companies has increased whilst the possibility of teleconsultations has also been added to the platform.

With Frecciarosa, the objective is to be by the side of citizens and to raise awareness with empathy and professionalism amongst those who, due to distraction, fear or lack of time, do not take care of their health, so as to redirect them towards the National Health Service for every need.” So states Adriana Bonifacino, President of IncontraDonna, in an October interview in the FS Group magazine, La Freccia.