The FS Group has long been at the forefront of the fight against gender discrimination.

With the Gender Equality Plan (GEP), we wish to express our commitment by recounting the action that the FS Group has taken and how it intends to continue in the pursuit of the objectives of its Strategy and the principles that inspire it, consistent with the values expressed in the Code of Ethics.

Furthermore, we intend to contribute to the social sphere, with the creation of a culture free from prejudice by setting an example of ethics, fairness and transparency. Indeed, the Group is committed to promoting change as a widespread phenomenon, fostered and managed through a set of correlated and diversified actions, affecting both the internal and external network of the Company, in order to give a positive signal of inclusion to the entire national system, as well as to its own people.

The development, selection and training processes that guarantee equal opportunities for participation and the emergence of talent, beyond any form of diversity, female empowerment in the STEM field through the example of female FS leaders, positive working environments that can evolve into spaces for rapports and inclusion for all – these are just some of the objectives of the FS Group’s Diversity, Equality & Inclusion strategy, which promotes an organisational culture in which human rights are respected and supported and in which any form of discrimination is absolutely not tolerated.

In a period marked by great and rapid transformations and in which the social fabric is constantly shifting and in search of a new normality, what is indispensable for companies is understanding, valuing and respecting all the differences – first and foremost gender differences – that characterise each individual.

We believe that spreading a culture of gender equity is a shared responsibility that makes everyone – no matter their gender – protagonists of social and organisational change.