Following the communications of the competent authorities regarding containment of the epidemiological emergency Covid-19 currently taking place, Legambiente and Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane have jointly decided to cancel the third leg of the Green Train 2020, which was supposed to invigorate the Potenza Centrale station on 25 and 26 February. This also applies for all other such activities programmed until 1 April 2020.

Treno Verde 2020

The Treno Verde departs again. The itinerant journey promoted by Legambiente in collaboration with FS Italiane  is on its way once again, on 17 February , and aims to sensitise citizens with regard to the effects of climate change through the Change Climate Change campaign. 

Lamezia Terme is the first of the Green Train's 13 stages  and awaits visitors with an interactive exhibition on board: four carriages to tell the story of the climate emergency, with focus on environmental conflicts and also on best practices and "friends of the climate": companies, schools and institutions that, in recent years, have decided to invest in environmental sustainability.

Mobility with zero emissions; clean energy for a 100% renewable future; urban regeneration for energy and housing efficiencyhealthy, fair, reasonable and sustainable food. These are the main topics proposed to visitors of all ages and to students who choose to climb on board the Treno Verde 2020.

The story of the stages with the voice of the youngsters on #Opentreno

The third carriage is dedicated to the direct involvement of middle school and high school students. In fact, the younger generations are the protagonists of the fight against the climate change crisis and an unsustainable economic system for guaranteeing the future of humanity. The #Opentreno blog follows the Treno Verde throughout its journey, giving a voice, from the first stage in Calabria, to the words and point of view of the students for what concerns this global emergency.

Climate changes are now dramatically evident. In our country alone, from 2010 to date, over 500 extreme weather events were recorded. There are now ten years left for keeping the temperatures within the threshold of 1.5° compared to pre-industrial levels. It is the scientists of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN) who say so, maintaining that we are going towards an increase of more than 3°C. Such a rise in temperatures would have devastating effects on our planet, with devastating consequences on glaciers, crops and ecosystems. 

The key to reacting to the emergency is represented by an efficient and integrated, sustainable and renewable system. 

The involvement of start-up companies

During the stages of the Treno Verde 2020, several start-up companies from the world of innovation and sustainability in Italy will be present, as well as innovative projects selected as part of the FS Italiane's Innovate business entrepreneurship programme. Sustainable mobility, energy and emissions, air quality, ecological cosmetics, gamification and recyclable materials are the main areas in which the start-up companies participating in this edition operate. 

Legambiente and Italferr

During the itinerant exhibition, Italferr (FS Italiane Group) is engaged in environmental monitoring in some of the cities touched by the Treno Verde 2020 and, during the month of March, it will be making specialised staff and technological tools available, in order to measure noise and air quality and monitor the environmental conditions of our cities.

The cities monitored by Italferr in March:

  • Rome Ostiense 5 and 6
  • Ancona 12 and 13
  • Ravenna 19 and 20
  • Verona 23 and 24
  • Milan: 26 and 27