The FS Italiane group has launched a new contest on Zooppa, a web-based, creative crowdsourcing platform. Zooppers can take part by sending the outline of a project focusing on the production of a photo shoot which reflects FS Italiane's commitment and attention to environmental sustainability: it is not “just” a big rail transport group, but a player in mobility.

The photos, of which there around 70, will accompany the text of the report. This is sent to institutions, both national and local, trade associations, large Italian companies, cooperatives and charitable associations, the academic world, consumer associations.

The real challenge that we give ourselves is to make the public sensitive to the advantages provided by travelling by train compared with other transport methods in terms of environmental sustainability.

In Italy, road traffic produces over 80% of the emissions of greenhouse gases, whereas air and sea travel generate about 9% each and rail transport only about 2%.

Our commitment is to assist travellers from the door of their house up to their destination, integrating the various means of transport in a door-to-door approach, which in part is because of the advantages provided by digitalisation.

Lots of strategies have been deployed for a genuinely sustainable travel experience: from electronic ticketing to the chance of renting electric cars or bicycles at the main stations, to renewable energy produced and used in properties owned, and up to differentiated waste disposal in stations and on trains.

The winner of the contest will receive a budget for the shoot of 13,000 euros gross.

The pictures will have to be made starting from the first half of May, and will then go through post production and be delivered.

Some suggestions on elements to be included in the project proposal have been included in the Zoopla blog.

The closing date for taking part in the contest is 15:00 on 27th April 2017.