Last update: Sustainability Report 2021

The efficient use of water resources, the treatment of wastewater, the protection of water quality, controls and grid management are some of the main activities performed by the FS Italiane group companies for proper water management.  

The FS Italiane group consumes limited amounts of water because of its type of core business - mainly for civil use (approximately 87% of consumption is for offices, toilets and showers in the workshops and drinking fountains at stations) and, to a lesser extent (the remaining 13%), for industrial use (washing trains and buses). 

The Group holds frequent awareness campaigns to inform passengers about the responsible use of this resource and, with respect to industrial use, these campaigns mostly focus on reducing consumption to ensure the effective collection and treatment of the wastewater. 

The 2021 data present a slightly downwards trend, substantially due to the reduced presence of personnel in the offices and smaller number of users in the stations due to the ongoing public health emergency.