Territorio e risorse naturali

Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane carefully selects the raw materials required for its production processes, especially when investments in infrastructures are involved: galleries, embankments, bridges, viaducts, stations, technological facilities, etc.

The Group Companies more involved in designing and carrying out infrastructural works, Italferr and RFI, have developed design techniques that focus on rationalising the use of natural raw materials.

The method developed by Italferr to calculate the Climate Footprint when designing and building railway infrastructures, for example, can be used to identify the best design solutions in terms of using raw materials, as well as carbon dioxide emissions, as they favour using local materials that generate less impact or using more materials from digs or recycling plants.

By way of having regard to environmental sustainability, since as early as 2010 over 80% of paper purchased for publicity and communication campaigns (brochures, leaflets, etc.), as well as corporate publications (Annual Financial Statement Report, Sustainability Report, etc.) complied with the criteria and principles established by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), thereby warranting that the source for paper is forests managed according to the principles of sustainable development.