Last update: Sustainability Report 2021

The Group’s commitment to reducing the impacts of noise has translated into the design of new infrastructures (new lines and new systems for passenger and freight traffic, including intermodal solutions) and projects to maintain and improve the existing network (new traffic technologies, electrification, double tracks, upgrading, redevelopment of stations, maintenance, noisedampening asphalt, etc.).

For the road network, the Group’s efforts to find solutions that dampen noise along roads and comply with environmental and landscape restrictions cover two fronts: not only does it seek solutions on the market to meet its quality and sustainability requirements, but it also develops innovative solutions, like integrated multi-functional barriers (photovoltaic energy, safety, environmental and catalytic).

Noise (new lines or those being upgraded)

Noise (new lines or those being upgraded and operating lines) 2021 2020 2019
Noise-dampening barriers built (total accumulated length per year) 682 661 650
(Unit of measure: km)