Taranto - Metaponto - Potenza

Taranto - Metaponto - Potenza

The project on the Taranto-Metaponto-Potenza-Battipaglia route aims to speed up the track so as to allow trains to reach 200 kilometres/hour. The planned interventions include the construction near Romagnano of the interconnection with the new High Speed/High Capacity Salerno-Reggio Calabria line, with works to shorten times along certain sections of the line and in some stations. For freight traffic, an adaptation of the line to accommodate longer freight trains is planned.

Vera Fiorani was appointed Extraordinary Governmental Commissioner for completion of the works.


  • Recovery of travel times on the Taranto-Naples itinerary of about 30 minutes, also thanks to the HS Salerno-Reggio Calabria project.
  • Improvement of the levels of regularity thanks to the new intersection points.
  • Performance adjustment to allow for the start of freight traffic and the transit of 575-metre-long trains.
200 km/h maximum speed
20 total kilometres
1,905 mld € in investments

Work progress status

  • Design
    Since 2021
  • Permits
  • Tenders
  • Start of work
    Since 2021
  • End of work
    Since 2026

Grassano Bernalda Line - Expediting works: Grassano Bernalda line

Stages of progression: TENDERS 

  • Design end date: 2021
  • End date of the authorisation process: 2023
  • Date of tender publication: 2023
  • Start date of executive design and implementation: 2023
  • Work end date: 2026

Battipaglia-Potenza - Expediting works: Battipaglia-Potenza line

Stages of progression: WORKS

  • Design end date: 2021
  • End date of the authorisation process: 2021
  • Date of tender publication: 2021*
  • Start date of executive design and implementation: 2021
  • Work end date: 2026

* The assignment of the works was carried out with a Framework Agreement