Initiatives with the Territory and Information for Citizens

Initiatives with the Territory and Information for Citizens

The project and stakeholder involvement

The Florence Link and High-Speed Station project is a FS Group strategy that has among its objectives the separation of flows between regional and high-speed trains through the construction of a railway underpass in the city and the construction of a new HS station.

The project will increase the capacity of the surface railway network for the benefit of local traffic, eliminating interference between the regional service offered and high-speed trains. 

Given the importance of the project, it is essential to promote opportunities to meet and listen to citizens in order to share the benefits of the transformation generated in the territory by the infrastructure work with stakeholders and to promote a shared knowledge of the project.

Citizenship Initiatives

For RFI, listening to and involving stakeholders plays an increasingly central role in order to implement shared projects capable of responding to the needs and expectations of the territory and its communities. The comparison makes it possible to outline concrete lines of action to develop infrastructure projects that support the sustainable growth of places by improving the accessibility and integration of territories with the creation of new connections for the benefit of the quality of life of citizens.

For this reason, RFI intends to take participation and information initiatives aimed at improving citizen knowledge of the project with a view to maximum transparency and sharing.

The RFI Infopoint is open to citizens and stakeholders in Via Circondaria 32 — at the Base Camp of the construction site of the new Belfiore High-Speed Station — with the aim of illustrating the projects and works in the area, providing constant updates on the progress of the works and the benefits they will bring to the mobility of the Florentine, regional and national network.

Opening hours are Tuesdays (10:30 am to 1:30 pm) and Thursdays (2:00 pm to 5:00 pm).

Specific project information can be requested through a designated mailbox (

You can apply to participate in the organised tours of the Belfiore and Campo di Marte sites by writing to the infopoint mail address (

Meetings will be organised approximately every four months, also taking into account the operation of the sites.

Fourth themed meeting “Work in Progress on Viale Spartaco Lavagnini” (16 May 2024)

Objective: to inform residents of the Viale Spartaco Lavagnini area about the works project, with a particular focus on the works progress and all envisaged monitoring tools

When: 16 May 2024, 17:15

Where: at the Sala Polifemo of the “Gaetano Pieraccini” Comprehensive School at Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, 35

How to register: to attend, registration is required at this LINK by 14 May 2024. Access will also be granted to unregistered persons until the maximum capacity of the hall is reached

Duration: 2 hours

No. of Participants: max. 80 people


Information for Citizens

As part of the activities for the construction of the HS Link and the HS Station in Florence, a campaign is planned to update the State Surveys in order to document the status of properties potentially affected by excavation activities.

A State survey is a cross-examination report attesting to the 'state' of conservation of a real estate unit, in the period prior to the commencement of a work or activity that could affect its integrity due to its physical proximity.