Doubling and electrification of the Empoli-Siena Railway

Doubling and electrification of the Empoli-Siena Railway

The project for upgrading the Empoli-Siena line includes the electrification of the entire section and a doubling of the track between Empoli and Granaiolo by about 10 kilometres alongside the current track.

With reference to the section being doubled, the elimination of all level crossings along the line and the activation of new equipment for handing train circulation are also planned. The complex of interventions shall lead to an increase in metropolitan services and the speeding up of the Florence-Siena rapport.

Vincenzo Macello was appointed Extraordinary Governmental Commissioner for completion of the works.


  • Increased line capacity (from 4 trains per hour in both directions to 10 trains per hour on the sections doubled).
  • Increased regularity of railway operations between Empoli and Siena.
  • Environmental sustainability.
120 km/h maximum speed
10 total kilometres
267 mln € in investments

Work progress status

  • Design
    Since 2018
  • Permits
    Since 2022
  • Tenders
    Dal 2022
  • Start of work
    Dal 2023
  • End of work
    Since 2026

Doubling of Empoli-Granaiolo - Doubling of Empoli-Granaiolo

Stages of progression: TENDERS 

  • Design end date: 2018
  • End date of the authorisation process: 2022
  • Date of tender publication:2022
  • Start date of executive design and implementation: 2023
  • Activation Date: december 2027

Empoli-Siena electrification - Empoli-Siena electrification

Stages of progression: PERMITS

  • Design end date: 2019
  • Activation Date: March 2028