Connection with the Venice Airport

Connection with the Venice Airport

The project for a rail link to the Venice Airport aims to produce an intermodal connection between the Marco Polo Airport and the national rail network, in line with European directives aimed at increasing rail transport.

The project envisages the construction of a new section of track extending some 8 kilometres to connect the historical Venice-Trieste line and the construction of a new underground Venice-Airport station.

The new connection can be utilised by both long-distance and regional trains.

Vincenzo Macello was appointed Extraordinary Governmental Commissioner for completion of the works.


  • The introduction of new High Speed and Local Public Transport connections to/from the Venice Airport, which will lead to an increase in the catchment area for both the railway system and the airport due to greater intermodality.
110 km/h maximum speed
8 total kilometres
644 mln € in investments

Work progress status

  • Design
  • Permits
  • Tenders
  • Start of work
    Since 2022
  • End of work

Connection with the Venice airport - Railway connection with the Venice airport

Stages of progression: WORKS

  • Design end date: 2019
  • End date of the authorisation process: 2022
  • ate of tender publication: 2022
  • Start date of executive design and implementation: 2022
  • Work end date: 2025
  • Activation date: december 2025