Binario della Memoria: a multimedia totem in Roma Tiburtina commemorating the victims of the Shoah

The installation involving a video commemorating the over one thousand Jews deported to the Birkenau camp, who left on 18 October 1943 from a platform located in the freight area, can be found in the station on Platform 1

Rome 3 April 2024 - The Binario della Memoria in Roma Tiburtina. A multimedia totem was placed on platform 1 of the station to commemorate over a thousand Jewish men, women and children who were deported from Rome to the Birkenau camp on 18 October 1943.

The totem in Roma Tiburtina was inaugurated today by the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano, Italian Senator Ester Mieli, the President of the Lazio Region Francesco Rocca, the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, the President of the Jewish Community in Rome Victor Fadlun, the President of the Shoah Museum Foundation Mario Venezia and FS Group CEO Luigi Ferraris.

A video, made with the help of the Istituto Luce - Cinecittà, shows the testimony of some of the 16 survivors of the deportation, 15 men and 1 woman, no children. The presence of the totems in the stations, a crossroads of cultures and a place for meeting and confrontation, is a warning not to give in to indifference and an invitation to reflect and to counter all forms of violence and discrimination.

The Binario della Memoria project, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture, FS Group, the Jewish Community of Rome and the Shoah Museum Foundation, was launched last year with the first information totem on Platform 21 in Milan's Central Station, from where thousands of Jews and political opponents were deported by the Nazi-Fascists to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Mauthausen and other extermination and concentration camps such as Fossoli and Bolzano between 1943 and 1944.