FS Italiane: intra-group reorganization of the real estate business finalised

Rome, January 15th 2024

As part of the intra-group reorganization programme for the ownership and management of the FS Group's real estate assets not relating to the exercise of the railways or transport activities, the assignment of the real estate business of FS into a newly established company has been finalised. This new company, wholly owned by FS and subject to the management and coordination of FS Sistemi Urbani S.r.l. (Lead company of the Urban Business Division), will be merged with the latter within the first months of the year. 

As a result of this transaction - which in any case does not reflect changes in FS's shareholders' equity - the new share capital is equal to 38,579,767,278.00 euro. The updated bylaws will be published on the FS website.

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