Reggio Emilia station: pink parking for female workers on duty at night

Reggio Emilia, 3 August 2023

Two new parking spaces in the service car park at the Reggio Emilia railway station (Via Turri area), accessible via a numeric code, in a well-lit area near platform one and the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Italian Railway Network) offices.

It is the new Pink Parking reserved for female workers of all FS Group companies whose work is organised in shifts and who, from today, will be able to make a request to use it at the start or at the end of their work shift between 10 pm and 5 am.

Promoter of the initiative, supported by the National Equal Opportunities Committee of the FS Italiane Group, was the Emilia-Romagna Equal Opportunities Committee that, since its new establishment, has initiated discussions with female workers, to identify their deepest needs. Among these, there is that of parking spaces that suit the needs of female workers who use their cars at night, to go to work or return at the end of their shift.

The request was accepted by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Lead company of the FS Group's Infrastructure Hub), owner of the area, which has identified two parking spaces inside the service car park, accessible only via a numeric code to be entered using one's own mobile phone and in a particularly well-lit and protected location.

The pink parking area in Reggio Emilia is the third in the region after those in Bologna and Rimini and is part of the Agreement between the Community of European Railways (CER) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) on women in the railway sector, signed on 5 November, 2021. The Agreement, which aims to attract more women to the railway sector and create the right basic conditions for them to remain within companies and in the sector, in fact pays particular attention to the issue of protection and safety at work, also urging the creation of parking spaces reserved for the night shifts of female workers.