NOTICE EXTENDED: The deadline for the "riGenerazione Futuro" project participation notice, aimed at the Third Sector of the Calabria and Sicily Regions and initially scheduled for 31 July, has been extended to '8 September 2023. 

A competition of ideas in support of Innovation: “riGenerazione Futuro”, projects for the territory

The FS Group contributes to the initiative promoted by Associazione Civita, in collaboration with Produzioni dal Basso, to generate value in the regions of Calabria and Sicily through projects with a lasting and sustainable impact.

Rome, 31 May 2023

This competition of ideas is aimed at generating value in the regions of Calabria and Sicily, actively involving the Third Sector companies operating within these territories. Named “riGenerazione Futuro. I tuoi progetti per il territorio” (“Future reGeneration. Your projects for the territory”), this initiative is promoted by Associazione Civita in collaboration with the crowdfunding and social innovation platform Produzioni dal Basso, realised thanks to the contribution of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group in support of innovative, durable and sustainable projects promoted by local communities in the tourism and cultural sphere.

“We wholeheartedly support the ‘riGenerazione Futuro’ project, promoted by the Civita Association together with the crowdfunding platform Produzione dal Basso, being in tune with the values of our corporate culture and some objectives of our Business Plan.” Thus states Luca Torchia, Chief Communication Officer of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, on the launch of the competition, specifying, “In fact, the project involves the world of the Third Sector, with which Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane has had important collaborations for years. It aims to generate value in southern Italy, where the FS Group’s energies and significant investments are concentrated to build new infrastructure. Finally, it focuses on innovation, tourism and social sustainability, with particular attention to inclusion and the enhancement of our artistic and cultural heritage, all areas to which we are strongly committed, both as the FS parent company and for all our Hubs.

The initiative has a particularly ambitious objective: to stimulate innovation processes in culture, tourism and sustainability, helping to animate territories and respond in a concrete way to the needs expressed by the local communities. This could, for instance, occur through projects aimed at enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage also for tourism purposes, favouring social inclusion, the cultural participation of disadvantaged people and the accessibility of cultural heritage also to fragile people, people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Simonetta Giordani, Secretary General of the Associazione Civita, states, “The riGenerazione Futuro initiative constitutes a virtuous example of how the partnership between our Association and a large impact-oriented entrepreneurial reality like Ferrovie dello Stato can translate into a concrete opportunity for the creation of shared economic, social and cultural value to benefit the territories and communities of Southern Italy.”

Third sector organisations interested in participating can submit their project proposals in the dedicated area on the Produzioni dal Basso platform. A panel of judges will select 6 projects – 3 for the Region of Calabria and 3 for the Region of Sicily – that will be eligible for crowdfunding campaigns. These will make it possible to identify the projects that, having collected donations covering at least 40% of the financial resources necessary for their implementation, will be able to benefit from co-financing (equal to 60% of the budget) from sponsor Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, which will provide a total contribution of €36,000.

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