Turin International Book Fair and the FS Group: winners of the literary competition are awarded prizes for “A/R Andata e Racconto. Appunti di Viaggio”

Four up-and-coming writers will be published in an anthology by Edizioni e/o. In attendance were the 25 finalists along with poet and writer Vivian Lamarque

 Turin, 21 May 2023

 Four novice writers were honoured as winners of the literary competition “A/R Andata e Racconto. Appunti di Viaggio” organised by the Turin International Book Fair in collaboration with the FS Italiane Group. In order of ranking, the winners are Daniela Tallini, Francesca Dentis, along with Rebecca Buselli and Dario Manti tying for third place.

The four winning stories shall be published later this year by Edizioni e/o in an anthology comprised of the award-winning stories together with those of the panel members, writers Enrico Brizzi, Fabio Genovesi, Antonella Lattanzi, Andrea Marcolongo, Matteo Nucci, Antonio Pascale, Lorenza Pieri and Veronica Raimo. Also on the panel was Marco Mancini, Editor-in-Chief of the FS Group’s Edizioni La Freccia.

The award ceremony was held today as part of the Turin International Book Fair, preceded by a poetry reading by poet and writer Vivian Lamarque.

Today’s event is merely the final round of the first edition of the literary competition “A/R Andata e Racconto. Appunti di Viaggio”. This journey began in 2022, with the launch of the initiative, also promoted on board Trenitalia’s High Speed and regional trains, which gathered more than 2,100 unpublished short stories by aspiring authors who set out to write about travel, interpreted in all its facets. Travel as an escape to distant worlds or inner landscapes, to real or imaginary places, to self-knowledge and an encounter with the Other.

An initial technical commission, appointed by the Turin International Book Fair, selected the 25 finalist stories, which were handed over to the final panel to select the winners.

The competition finalists received a gift card from Trenitalia, as the official carrier of the International Book Fair, together with a certificate of participation and the applause of the panel and the audience in the hall. All the stories of the finalists – and not just the four winners – will be shared and discovered through initiatives that the FS Group is planning to activate on its communication channels, starting with the two publications Fsnew.it and La Freccia.

Always by the side of the best cultural energies and initiatives, the FS Group’s support for the Turin International Book Fair not only confirms its commitment to the promotion of literature and support for publishing but with this competition, it also seeks to offer debut writers – and their future readers – the opportunity to travel through their words and creativity.