FS Group: electrification works on the Ivrea-Aosta line awarded by RFI

The winner is a consortium of companies consisting of Impresa Luigi Notari, S.I.F.E.L., Costruzioni Linee Ferroviarie, CLF and Rete Costruzioni Ferroviarie. Valued at 79 million euro, it has also been financed with PNRR funds.

Turin, 7 April 2023

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, as lead company of FS Italiane Group’s Infrastructure Hub, awarded the tender for designing and constructing electrification works for the Ivrea-Aosta section, going to the consortium of companies composed of Impresa Luigi Notari (as Group Leader), S.I.F.E.L., Costruzioni Linee Ferroviarie, CLF and Rete Costruzioni Ferroviarie.

The tender is worth around 79 million euro, also financed with funds from the PNRR (Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan).

The interventions are part of a broader project to upgrade and improve the Chivasso-Aosta railway line, in accordance with the provisions of the Framework Programme Agreement between the Region of Valle d’Aosta and RFI, aimed at bolstering and improving the performance of services on the Aosta-Ivrea-Turin line.

The project consists of the electrification of the 66-kilometre-long section of the line between Ivrea and Aosta, including the construction of three new electrical substations in Donnas, Chatillon and Aosta, plus an upgrading of the structures and tunnels along the route.

Also planned is adapting the Nus and Hone Bard stations to international standards in terms of accessibility for persons with reduced mobility, seeing the construction of an underpass and overpass, lifts, pathways for visually impaired people and raised platforms.

Upon completion of the works, foreseen by 2026, electrification of the Ivrea-Aosta section will allow for fully electric trains to circulate, as an alternative to or replacement of the current diesel and bi-modal trains, meaning greater availability in terms of capacity and better standards for regularity and punctuality, all whilst contributing to the pursuit of global sustainable development strategies.